Norton WiFi Privacy VPN App Reviews

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Doesn’t work everywhere all the time

If I go to a restaurant where I want to keep my purchasing info private such as Wendy’s , I can’t get the VPN to operate. I am coming up on renewal at the end of July and would like to be able to use the VPN everywhere I shop. I don’t have the problem at Sam’s Club. I would like to rely on the VPN to work everywhere a person would shop. I just mentioned 2 places but I have the problem at other places other than Wendy’s.

Not working in Zain Saudi Arabia.

I can’t make it work in Saudi Arabia Zain ISP. Please fix it.


How do i get the vpn to constantly stay on? It goes off when i lock my phone

Far from perfect, but Great.

The only thing it lacks, is the ability to use the VPN while connected to ones home. One would be willing to pay for the annual subscription to go along with Norton Deluxe if this app had the ability to configure to a home network instead of using mobile data.


So I've seen the developer response about 3rd party marketing and that doesn't cut it as an excuse for predatory practices, especially when it's still happening. Everything Norton is over for my business. McAfee seems like a decent guy anyway. I'll spend for his products.

norton vpn

So far so good! I do wish it would kick in automatically rather than waiting for me to give it permission.


It's stupid that I have to PAY to get rid of a virus. Just because my brother wanted to go on adult websites, I now have a virus on my phone. I'm really tired of having to go from APP TO APP searching for a FREE virus remover. It's so disgusting how greedy people are for money.

It’s not working

I downloaded this app because I had iPhone virus so I downloaded it and paid for it but it’s not working the virus still spreading! What should I do?

Norton Wifi privacy

Great app the only problem is when I’m using one devise the protection turns off on my secondary if you could please fix this

Great App!!

One feedback: please add more locations.

I paid and I can’t use the app !!

It took 30 from my bank account And it keeps going to the “30 day free trail page “ And won’t let me actually use the app even after I sign in it just keeps showing me my subscription , what is going on ?....


Excellent VPNand security. Love this app, especially when traveling.

Norton Wifi

There are times when the VPN will not launch. There are comments regarding this so hopefully there is a fix for the issue.

Norton VPN

Excellent product! Miles above my last program! I have it on three devices, and it gives me great confidence to go anywhere! What peace of mind! Thank you Norton!

Not the best norton product

I have used Norton products on my PCs for years. Decided to use their VPN. I am disappointed in it. I have an older iPhone (5 running 10.3.3). Every time I turn my phone off, I have to delete and reinstall the app to get it to work. For some reason when it fails to connect, it turns the VPN off and deleting and reinstalling is the only fix.


They tried saying that I had a virus on my phone and that I needed to download it or my phone would be corrupted but nothing happened.They are just scammers trying to get you to download this app!!!

Easy to use but slow performance!

Easy to turn on and off, but usage performance is slow!

Just one issue

Only one thing keeping this app from 5 stars... It keeps shutting off. I turn it on when I unplug it from charge, and the “vpn” icon will disappear multiple times through the day. Not running beta and current on updates 11.4.1. If someone can figure out a soluton I’d love to hear it.

Another Norton Winner!

I’ve used Express VPN and had difficulty using it with my mobile device. Norton VPN is a piece of cake and configured successfully without a problem. I use Norton for all of my Network Security functions and I’ve yet to have a problem. I’m a customer for life! 👍🏼

Keep connecting and not connected

I uninstall it! I just downloaded and it connected first time, within an hour, it keep connecting and did not connect, keep popping up red Unprotected! Useless! Needs to do more work on IOS Platform!

Great app!!!

I love this app! I have had no issues with this app nor any of the Norton products that I have. I have this app on all of my mobile devices.

Norton Mobile VPN

The application works well about 85% of the time. The automatic functionality is not always there when I connect to “public WiFi” infrastructure, these locations are the exact time I require the protection of VPN encryption to protect my devices. The application has to be manually turned on so constant application vigilance is required.

App quality is pretty bad

Purchased a subscription plan and couldn’t even log in to the app. It keeps telling me to buy a subscription plan over and over again. Seriously?!

Traveling safely

I’ve used Norton during recent travels, abroad and domestically. Not problems have been detected and I feel safe using my devices in the airports.

I want my money back

Hey well.. I didn’t read anything clearly and I took 29.99 by accident please could you resend that money back? I really needed that money. I did not mean to pay anything because I thought this app was a free thing without any paying. Please I need my money back.

Never Purchase Norton!

I have used Norton security for years and years, and unfortunately last year, my laptop fried because of this program infecting my computer. It also fried my computer before this one as well. I brought it to several tech help centers and they all told me this program was the problem. I couldn’t believe it! Save yourself and your money...

Great VPN w/ a trusted developer, but there is a bug.

Virtual Location feature does not show correctly on my iPhone X. Displays my current region but does not display correctly when I attempt to change my virtual region (country menu is warped). Other than that, I appreciate that it’s from Norton.

Doesn’t work

Got the app and downloaded - VPN wont connect. Read everything available - no answers given. Frustrating and useless.


My internet had been hacked! Now it’s secure..

Slightly disappointed

Norton VPN slows my data a bit more than other VPNs, but more importantly it does not stay connected (or reconnect) after my iPhone wakes up or connects to different WIFIs. I have not been able to find assistance with this connection issue.

Only One Device??!? Forget That!

It might otherwise be a decent option, but it only offers one device on the yearly subscription. Most VPNs offer an average of five devices. That makes Norton VPN too expensive for what it is. It lacks many advanced features such as Connect on Demand and adding safe networks.

Seems to work fine for iOS

I’ve used Norton’s VPN service on my PC for the last two years. When it works, it works well. It does have some issues connecting to my network at times. As for the iOS version on my iPhone and iPad, it’s working pretty well. I’ve set the VPN country to different regions then opened google to see what would happen. When I put the VPN in England, I get Google UK. When I set it for Australia, I get Google Australia. You get the point. Overall, pretty decent VPN for mobile devices.

Best VPN app

Love this app! I didn’t think much of it before purchasing it, but after trying a few others I’m convinced this one is solid!

Not sure what to think

Downloaded free trial - everything seemed to work great - After free trial and as suppose to be able to add other devices - Have not been been able to add second device when attempting to come to Just searches and quits after timing out and for and connect to VPN- why will this not connect to second device?

Pretty good VPN

I’ve been using this VPN frequently but whenever I turn my phone off the VPN also stops so I have to turn it back on. I wish it would just stay on at all times.


Delete my subscription and give the money back I didn’t want this app

When it works

No doubt this app is effective when it can negotiate a connection, but, I have recurring problems with keeping a connection running. When I try to turn VPN back on, the app indicates it is negotiating but fails repeatedly then turns off.


I recently upgraded my mobile phone and my VPN will not activate. I’ve filled all the steps through the Norton app and website. Frustrated to be wasting valuable tome on a product that ran seamless on my iPhone 7.

Security, Security, Security!!

Love it. Best investment ever. Feel secure no matter where I am! Thank you!!

Easy quick and has helpful alerts

Perhaps with most products it would be premature to give a review, but having used Norton products for 20+ years I trust their quality. Some past products had somewhat slowed or complicated internet access, but I don’t notice slowing with any of the products I have now. New to Norton Wifi Privacy on both my iPhone and iPad, I find it it to be easy to use and without noticeable slowing. With it activated I have been unable to connect through a couple apps, but most work fine. I greatly appreciate being alerted of insecure networks with a prompt to activate the VPN. Expecting it will work as well on it, I look forward to adding this to my MacBook Pro.

Great App

Norton WiFi privacy works pretty well, the only issue I have is that when I use my IPad, The app doesn’t work on my iPhone at the same time. It’s somewhat annoying that it doesn’t work on both devices at the same time.


Been using for over a month and love it. I travel overseas a lot and sometimes I need to watch tv. Had zero problems watching streaming sites.

It works inside Government facilities.

All I can say is that Norton’s VPN is tooo perfect. This VPN works inside Government facilities where other VPN’s are rendered useless by government administration geeks! Unless the Men In Black confiscate physically confiscate your phone “you gonna be aight!” Two thumbs up Norton!

Turns off

Frequently, I have to manually turn it back on because it wont turn on automatically after i wake up the ipad. I already updated the latest version of app. Please fix. Update: After updating to the latest version, it appears the problem was still not fixed (I have an iPad mini 4 update 11.4 if that helps). However, I learned that the 5 GHz connection was the problem. When I switched back to the 2.4 GHz, the VPN started to work again.

App performance AWFUL ON IPHONE 5s

Version 2.5.2 did not fix problem. Connectivity so bad that it renders app almost useless. Attempts to connect and when fails turns off vpn in settings. Have to turn back on and retry connecting. Have to repeat this sequence 3 to 10 times to get a successful connection. Extremely POOR design & execution. App still buggy. App has trouble connecting to vpn servers and loses connection intermittently (WiFi signal was max display). Also appears to have integration problem with Apple iOS. Though settings has VPN turned on, the app when connecting to vpn servers turns it off To connect, have to go to settings multiple times to turn back on before app finally connects. (iPhone 5s running iOS 11.4) Extremely disappointing performance for Norton product. Not a good endorsement for other Norton products. Good when it works BUT frequently drops connection to VPN servers; shuts itself off and has to be re-enabled in settings; and/or will not connect to VPN servers. Very ANNOYING app. Poor execution of design. Negative effect on Norton reputation.

Turns itself off

Almost every time I check my phone, the function is turned off and I have to turn on vpn again.

Great app

Great suite of products

Really Slows Down Performance

I downloaded this app and tried it. I had Express before. My internet speed slowed to a crawl so I had to delete it.

Just don’t even bother to download it

Yo so at first I was going to download this because I got a message saying I have 2 viruses from visiting “adult websites” and lets keep in mind I’m a young teen just trying to play my lemon game which is really fun so I looked up cheats for it you know. Cause I couldn’t get passed this one level so when I opened safari and looked up cheats and clicked the website the dumb notification came up. I’m the only person who uses this devise so there’s no way in the world that there’s adult websites on it. I’ve seen other people with the same complaint and the company just says something stupid about how it’s a 3rd party seller and all but if this was an actual legit great working app then they would have taken down the scam by now. So dont even try to blame the 3rd party seller. Plus it’s takes all of your money if you put your credit card number in. I’ve seen a bunch of people say that too! I personally think apple should remove it from the App Store! But if you want your money stolen and to be scammed then this is the app for you!!!

Not what I wanted

I got a Notification that I had a virus on my iPad and to upload this app to get rid of it but that isn’t what this one is for so cant fairly grade

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