Norton WiFi Privacy VPN App Reviews

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Not worth it

It just keeps turning off and then it won’t work I’ve had to delete it and redownload it three times.


Snort on work ok on some things but the fact they charged me when I’m supposed to get it all free with Comcast. And they new it! That’s theft! And dishonest !!!

I like this

This app Was so worth it. I was always worried about the fact that my information and personal data was at risk. Now all I got to do is get to my settings and turn the VPN on and I have nothing to worry about,any of my information being taken. Thank you norton I love this


I accidentally purchased and immediately canceled it wasn’t suppose to go through but I was charged $30 anyway and don’t have the protection and now can’t figure out who to contact norton antivirus says contact the App Store I did they were not suppose to charge my account but did anyway

This app is lousy

I bought this app because I travel for work. Figured I could use the extra protection on my iPhone X. I’ll bet this app has not worked properly 5 times since I purchased it about 2 months ago. Either the VPN will not connect or when it does Wi-Fi doesn’t. I won’t tell you not to purchase this but buyer beware.

Utter trash.

I’ve tried being loyal to Norton for about a year now. Often times, I can’t connect to the VPN for days & even weeks at a time. I’ve been patient with technical difficulties because I know the VPN software is a new step for Norton. Clearly they haven’t had time to polish it up yet. But to be totally honest, most of the time it still won’t connect. This app can’t perform it’s only function (on both the iPhone & Mac version). Finally after not being able to connect all summer with no end in sight, I’m cancelling my subscription & cutting ties with this company. To be honest, I think they all belong under a circus tent. If you want to spend time & money waiting indefinitely for lousy service & an app that won’t do it’s job, I guess I’d recommend this app. If you want a VPN, don’t buy this app. I’ve waited & waited for this company to straighten this stuff out but they can’t seem to do anything right. The only fruit that I can see after a year is time wasted with customer service week after week and money wasted as well as stress & confusion. Norton’s website looks very polished & professional. But don’t be fooled, this service is absolute dog food.

Ok when on.

Using for 1week so far. Ok when connected, but have to constantly reconnect. 30 day free trial, probably won’t buy it at this point.

Great product

I have been using Symantec products four years. The Norton’s VPN is fantastic and don’t have any issues with the exception of updates which I have never received either on our I phones or our IMAC. If there are any updates where could we find them. I love the product but I want too see the updates. Thank You David Farrell

Just signed up

Seems pretty good so far ... only 1 blaring fault is that you can only have 1 device? I would gladly have paid more for multiple sign ins but 30 bucks a pop? Nice work.


So how many times do I have to sign in with the correct username and password before it stops continuously sending me back to the 30 day trial screen? Already paid the $30 for the year subscription. Wonderful application...

Locked phone up

Horrible ..not less than 2 hours after installing...stopped working..had to uninstall , shut my phone off, reinstall 3x with customer support. They advised it’s not working and refunded me ! Do NOT buy this product!

Works sometimes but a bit annoying//Updated

OK not only does this app make my Internet completely not work but it is annoying when it tries to turn itself on and now on top of that I have canceled this thing twice and it automatically renewed again I don’t want it somebody please contact me about canceling this and getting my money back


Best APP on my iPhone SECURE!! Have been using NORTON Products since 1989 used on ALL Devices AND LifeLock. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Apple and Norton best combination SINCE peanut butter & strawberry jelly!

Best VPN!

Easy installation, navigation and gives a scene of security when surfing the web. Price is great also.


I love this product system. I feel like I finally have control of my phone!

When it works

No doubt this app is effective when it can negotiate a connection, but, I have recurring problems with keeping a connection running. When I try to turn VPN back on, the app indicates it is negotiating but fails repeatedly then turns off. I offloaded the WiFi app on all devices and reinstalled it. When I complete login, the app accepts my account info and acknowledges I have a subscription. I tried both ‘ok’ and ‘manage subscription’ and I cannot get the app to connect to the VPN.

Very disappointing

I was using this after I first installed it with no problems. Recently, it has become completely unreliable. When I look at my settings, it is rapidly switching on/off. I cannot use wifi at all. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing it, but the same thing happens. I want my money back.

All Norton

I now have complete coverage with VPN. I have used Norton on all my computers along with Norton Core. VPN makes my set complete. I have never had an issue with these products.

Not Worth It

App closes on you randomly, leaving you unprotected. I spent a half a day out shopping and had to open the app, at least, 5 or 6 times and click on “Turn VPN On.” Initially I thought it was turning off because I was closing the app (by swiping it), so I left the app running...nope, even then it would randomly turn itself off. ADDITIONALLY, I would get a warning telling me an insecure wifi network was detected and to “Turn on VPN.” Problem was, it was already on, AND I never got this warning when it turned itself off on my randomly. Bottom line; extremely buggy app that leaves you vulnerable at random times. I may put up with that for free, but not for $29.99 a year!

Peace of mind protection

Downloaded the app waiting for a flight out of Baltimore. Works seamlessly. Great to know it’s working in the background to protect me when using public Wifi.

Great vpn

Norton vpn keeps you protected from hackers and keeps your information private. I would totally recommend this program to all my friends.

Keeps turning off

The VPN keeps turning off while I’m connected to unsecured WiFi. This makes it a rather pointless protection app.

Keeps turning off

I like be the service, but for some reason it turns itself off whenever I’m not using the internet and then won’t reconnect without going through hoops. This just started with the last update. Not happy about it. If it continues I will be canceling my subscription.

Privacy is important

Keep up good work. Working out the bugs on my equipment. Keeps dropping vpn and don’t know why!! Explain in new apps improvement for staying safe with vpn in place all times. Good job.

James B.

I’ve had good results with Norton over the years, if this were not true, I wouldn’t keep using it. 👍


I can’t find a place to cancel this. I no longer want it.

Feeling Secure

I have been using VPN for about five days and have been very satisfied using it!

Unauthorized charges

I canceled this account and was charged again and trigger an overdraft on my bank acct


Muy buena ..... 👍😀

Bad perfomance

Dont waste your time and neither support iphone and nor indian server...

Auto renewal

Your yearly plan is a rip-off it keeps renewing you subscription !

Not Impressed

I got the 30-day free trial for the VPN and it made my connection very slow. Before I downloaded, my Snapchat was working perfectly fine. After I downloaded, I logged out and tried to log back in to my Snapchat, it didn’t work. So I turned off the VPN and sure enough it worked. I tried logging in with and without WiFi (with the VPN) but it didn’t work. Without the VPN all my apps work perfectly fine. The VPN makes my WiFi connection slower. Not happy.


I had gotten a message that said “There are (2) Viruses in your phone from adult websites! Install this app or else they will corrupt your Contacts, photos and information!!!” And then I read these reviews as well as your developer replies and I am so rrrreeeellllliiieeevvveeed that I didn’t spend any money on this! (Sorry, haha) This also happened like 2 months ago, so thank god I didn’t.

Shuts down a LOT

The app regularly disconnects and I have to pull the app back up to turn it back on. It happens mostly when my the phone screen is off, but it sometimes happens randomly while the screen is on, too.

Wi for iPad

Although the VPN switches off sometimes, it provides a little piece of mind. The location will say the US, but an email app says I’m in Chechnya. Some slowdown in speed, but that’s OK. Some ads won’t connect probably because they can’t get a good IP on me. That’s what I want. Too much personal info out there already.






First, I get a message that I have a virus and need Norton. So I click on the link and it takes me to Apple App Store. Norton says 30-day free trial then subscription renews at 29.99 a year. I can cancel at anytime in 30 days and I won’t be charged. So I get the app and BAM! I’m charged $34.95 immediately. I went in and cancelled my subscription and now I want my money back now! I tried calling customer service but it keeps disconnecting at the part where the automated voice says please stay on the line a customer service rep............ disconnect! Please refund me money now!


I bought and paid fo virus protection and I won’t work on my phone what the hell is going on

don’t get this app

i got the 30 day trial and tried to restore my purchase over 100 times doing 4 different methods and it never restored. if i doesn’t restore i will be VERY mad and be sure to get this app fixed or deleted by apple or something and get my money back


Excellent program


How can i cancel it?

Stupid App


Does not work

I don’t know if this is just for me but for the past month when I’ve been trying to use the VPN, it just simply does not work. The app says that there is no connection, whether I am on WiFi or using my data (when there is clearly connection). The app worked for me amazingly in the past, but now it’s lost all of its function. I payed for this and I’m very upset that it does not work. I hope this bug can get fixed.

How do i remove membership?

How do i remove membership?

Norton has security covered all around

Several years ago we decided to use all Norton software for all our laptops, iPhones and iPads with few if any issues. Norton’s support team is very knowledgeable. TY!

App performance Better but still not good IPHONE 5s

Version 2.5.3 better but connectivity still annoying- requires multiple but fewer attempts to establish connection. Good enough that I did renew but almost didn’t. Sent info as requested but never a response. Lost? Or too many complaint reports? One interesting observation is that app seems to connect more readily to the servers located in Scandinavia than Auto or US though I can’t imagine why. Version 2.5.2 did not fix problem. Connectivity so bad that it renders app almost useless. Attempts to connect and when fails turns off vpn in settings. Have to turn back on and retry connecting. Have to repeat this sequence 3 to 10 times to get a successful connection. Extremely POOR design & execution. App still buggy. App has trouble connecting to vpn servers and loses connection intermittently (WiFi signal was max display). Also appears to have integration problem with Apple iOS. Though settings has VPN turned on, the app when connecting to vpn servers turns it off To connect, have to go to settings multiple times to turn back on before app finally connects. (iPhone 5s running iOS 11.4) Extremely disappointing performance for Norton product. Not a good endorsement for other Norton products. Good when it works BUT frequently drops connection to VPN servers; shuts itself off and has to be re-enabled in settings; and/or will not connect to VPN servers. Very ANNOYING app. Poor execution of design. Negative effect on Norton reputation.


This App helps

How does Apple allow this

App is not free: does not let you access tools until you agree and add payment info for free trial, u don’t wanna add payment you don’t get access to try tools..stupid


I have been having los of problem with this app it disappeared and re appear it is annoying and upsetting I take the app of and put it back but still doing the same thing

  • send link to app