Norton WiFi Privacy VPN App Reviews

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Basically a virus.

This is worse than malware they work even harder than Trojans to keep you from uninstalling so they can take your money. Slows down your network and false promises of security telling me they prevented 20 attacks since I installed 10 minutes ago (only installed because it was required for my hotels wifi).

Cannot login after reinstall

My program stopped working so I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it. But now every time I try to login it keeps giving me a pop up message saying that I'm already subscribed to the service and takes me back to the initial screen.

A pop up allergies me

A pop up alerts me that my phone was hacked & I needed this app. I'm not a tech smart person, so downloaded the app. How does one know this is legit?

Don't want this.

This app is not at all what I wanted. At the time I wasn't given any choice. Now I can't find a place to unsubscribe!

I was tricked into this purchase which I cannot cancel.

How do I get rid of this fraudulent purchase. I have a screen shot of the "Free download " which is actually a lie!! I want to get rid of this. It is fraud!!!

Nice app

One of the best vpn

Love it!

No bugs. Fast. I can dig the protection and ip readdress from the world. MUST BUY for those WHO KNOW but will NEVER know. Lol

Best ever

Safest and best ever

Needs work

I was asked if I wanted to update my dissatisfaction with is product. I thought why not, sense the programmers had there chance to correct all problems. Maybe I should reevaluate this for them. So I did! I tried to turn it on, and it did turn on, it hung up after about an hour but it did get nearly a full hour of operation before it took a dump. This product needs someone to test it before they release it...still garbage! This app needs a lot of work. The only thing really consistent with it is that it consistently locks up. It not only the app, the same problem exists in the Norton WIFI program for you PC. They both stink! Somebody needs to have a chance to excel at another vocation because programming doesn't seem to be their forte and I'm sure they are getting paid an exorbitant amount of money to produce this garbage. The one nice thing is that you can turn it off...thank god for that one! This app seems to work better but still has issues when launching certain apps. I know HBO Now has a problem downloading data when the VPN is on. Also Hospital apps don't work and pandora has issues. Why these programmers can't fix it is unknown. You would think they would of had enough time even coming to work at 930 and leaving at 1pm and going on vacation every 3rd day.

Idea is great if it would STAY ON

The app gives me a notification every 5 to 10 minutes that it wants to protect me from a public connection. If the network changes then that makes sense, but it will do it over and over on the same network. I have not closed the app, but feel like it's got a case of "Groundhog Day". Would love to know how to fix this, the service is needed because I travel.

Silent eye

Best privacy security from idiots

Want it gone!

I am getting tired of getting an app to try for free and delete the app as I don't need it currently but there is no way to cancel the subscription. Getting charged for this app that is not installed anymore is theft. Make impossible to find how to cancel so they can just keep charging me money!

Stopped working

This service worked great when I purchased and installed it in the US. Then when I went on a business trip overseas, it started acting up, melted down and completely stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no change. I can't recommend this product unless reliability isn't an issue and wasting one's money on a total lemon isn't a concern.

Thanks for your protection!

.....mean more than words! Joy Esther!


Was following one of those "your phone is infected" things on safari and was directed here. I like to do it for fun, I'm not an idiot. However, I was more than a little surprised when I was taken to a norton product. Very sad, indeed

No way to mark networks as secure

The app is easy to install and use. However, there is no apparent way to mark a home or work network as secure. Also had trouble making a connection this morning near Katy TX. Ended up on a Toronto server so Google gave me Canadian websites. Not good when trying to shop in Texas! Also have experienced what many others have noticed. If you lose a WiFi connection temporarily, the app doesn't reconnect you.

Norton VPN

Works wonderfully.

I like this but...

Why sometimes it has me in Atlanta and sometimes it has me in New York and I don't live anywhere near those states. Also it is is on auto detection but it's off most of the time unless I'm i my home wifi? I will delete and reinstall and report back.

How to cancel nowhere to be found

I'm unhappy with this product and wanted to be sure there are no future payments or charges but that info appears to be nowhere If it's not obvious to me I feel it's a scam I wouldn't use it again


You guys blackmail people into buying this app, out of no where I get redirected and it says "download this app or your phone will be infected with a virus" Very dirty way to get downloads

Impossible to cancel SCAM!

I was dumb enough to be lured in & now jumping through flaming hoops to cancel. One place sends me somewhere that sends me back to the 1st. Don't fall for it, just cancel out now while you still can.

Doesn't connect automatically on an iPhone

Works great on the computer but when it loses a signal, you have to manually reconnect it. It used to tell me when it wasn't connected, but it doesn't do that anymore. And lately, I get alerts every few minutes to tell me I have an unsecured connection when I'm in my house with my own wifi on. Sometimes the connection is on and sometimes it's not. I do NOT recommend this app.

Do not like this

I thought it was to get rid of a virus but it doesn't . I have an I phone and I got a notice saying my phone had three viruses from going to an adult site which I have not gone to!! I am the only one who uses this phone and I do not look at porn. I want to cancel this app before I am charged ! Please advise . I do not see on the app how to cancel and the instructions said go to app before the charge and hit do not re-new.


Crashes when opening. Must reinstall to get it to work. Seems like it needs to be debugged.

Used to work. Crashes all the time now.

This app used to work. Now it just freezes on the "need wifi" screen when I'm not connected to wifi so I can't even turn it off or get to the secure/unsecure button screen. So annoying. What a waste of money!!!! I have to keep installing and deleting the app so I'm done. Deleted for good!!!

Sing in

Will not stay loved in to VPN should use finger print to sing in

Ditto review from samnjoe

Although haven't yet had the opportunity to use on a public hotspot, I'm currently using it on my home wireless network. Not many steps to remember to establish connection: connect to wifi and surf with no perceptible app-induced slowness. I like it now, hope future updates do not spoil that.

More secure at a speed price

Good, but needs much better bandwidth management. Used both on iPad and iPhone for over a year now. Very solid VPN tool, but very significant speed slowdown.

Works great, but

Works great, but sometimes the app won't start, otherwise I would love to give it 5 Stars.

Peace of mind!

Very good app, could use one or two fewer steps logging in other than that - Very Good.

Works well

The only set back is with the VPN on,my Hulu and Netflix will not work🤢

Doesn't work for me

I'm currently on the free trial and I am canceling. It hasn't worked in two dr offices, a grocery store and a wifi hotspot. I couldn't even turn it on. However it does work in my home which already is on a private and protected network.


Any company that scams you with a pop up telling you your phone has a virus and forces you to acknowledge that pop up and takes you away from what you were reading or enjoying deserved NOTHING but bad reviews. I would never use this product.

Not working

Never could get the thing to install.

App is inconsistent.

The main problem with this application is that the app randomly doesn't open. This requires removal and reinstall if the app, which is time consuming. I've had days where I had to load it every time I used public wifi when traveling , which is a pain. Another problem is that there are times when it is open and despite how many times you try, you cannot get it to turn on---- which requires another removal and reinstall. Those two problems alone prevent this review from being anything, but below average. Finally, when it does work, it drains your battery quickly. Carry a charger with you. 2/5


This a dope.

Not good

If you play Pokemon Go do not pay for this.

Feel Secure ...

This app (including desktop version) offers you a priceless feeling of security, especially on the move!


I dont like this app it makes my phone slow and it gets my location wrong , i do not live in NY I live in SD

Don't want this app! Or charged for it!

I was told I had three virtues on my phone and everything would be changed if I did not get rid of them now by downloading this now! Scam!!! You best inscribe me now!

Norton Wi-Fi Privacy

Excellent product keeps the Wi-Fi private makes me feel more secure.

Liked it at first

I initially liked the ease and functionality. However, when I tried to shut off the Norton VPN, it kept turning itself back on. I need to VPN in to my work, and I can't have it on when I'm opening another VPN. I had to uninstall it so I could do my work on my iPad. When I tried looking on my Norton / Symantec account, it doesn't show up. Very disappointed...would love for it to work, but can't use it as is.

Not for me

I installed this on my iPad Pro and now I constantly get disconnected. There is no uninstall that I can find and in settings when I turn the vpn off to investigate, it turns right back on. I have several devices and am only have the issue on this one device and it started the moment I installed this.


Very helpful.

Waste of money

All it does is tell you if the wifi is secure or not.. I live in a rural community and am aware of secure vs secure networks in my area... not really useful for me. I thought it was something different

I love it


Agent M

I'm impressed

So far so good

So far so good


Perfect app.

Great to have!

Best app ever, everyone needs this to protect their phone!

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