Norton WiFi Privacy VPN App Reviews

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I want to cancel

Like it. But

Not sure but I think it may be causing a few bugs on my 6s. Bug I didn’t notice before installing. Nothing major. I trust this vpn more than others right now. Will update review as needed.

Stopped working

This app would work fine fora while, then stop. I had to remove it and the download it again. Finally the app would not connect with my Norton account on my iPad or my phone. I am done with Norton for good.

Keeps losing the network

I sit at home with a secure network and I keep losing the vpn or I get an alert that says I’m not in a secure network and when I open the app, I am. Norton has done nothing to solve these problems.


I travel often so I’m always jumping on free WiFi. This keep things safe and connection is still fast.

Only working on WiFi

It’s not a full vpn solution

Great VPN!

I've just had this VPN for a week, but it has performed flawlessly. It checks each wifi and informs you if it is unsecured. Smooth... After asking, it connect S automatically.

Difficulty on Windows 10

I recently installed the VPN application on several IOS and one Windows 10 device. The protection loads instantly and works well on the IOS devices, but fails to launch on Windows 10. It displays a “connecting” status, but fails to transition to a “secured connection” status. Customer support is not available/responsive.

Fast and Reliable

First #VPN I ever used. I have tried four others but none of them as reliable and as fast as Norton.

Great! I love it.

A bit on the pricey side but well worth it because I barely noticed any change in connection speed and doesn’t drain my battery too much like previous vpns tried before!

Don’t buy via apple store

Cancel trial was difficult to find. Confusing interface. If u want to buy then do so from norton website not App Store.

Love it!!!

Have it on 3 iPhones and 2 laptops!

Biggest disappointment

Useless in China. I’ve been a client for Symantec for years, and when I realized they have this VPN service I got excited to know I’ll be able to keep this needed service with the company I trust. Biggest disappointment ever. It just can’t connect. It downloaded and installed a VPN configuration to my phone and it just didn’t go further than trying to connect to the servers. It did connect once, though. After dozens of attempts, but once it got disconnected it just couldn’t connect back. There’s not even a way in the App to ask for help, for just some FAQs are in the help link. After my first review, I received a message that connectivity had been improved. Yes, i could connect a couple of times, which I couldn’t do at all before. But besides that couple of times, the app remains as useless as before at least here in China. I wasted more time trying to connect than the time it remained connected. My disappointment on a brand that I used to trust has dropped even more... Really sad...

Why am I connected to LA?

So I live in Washington but it connected me to LA California, it says it’s secured but it’s hard to believe when it randomly put me 2 states away, I am clearly not connected correctly. Help?

Slows Down Everything

It’s so annoying, I have it turned off like 24/7.

Norton WiFi privacy VPN app

I do not recommend this app. I like Norton Utilities, which I use on both my Mac Desktop and my Windows Ten Desktop. But, this app which I have on my iPhone and iPad is not for me. First. You can only have it function on one device at a time. I always have my cellphone with me of course, but when I fire up the iPad I get a conflict on both devices, and I can’t access the Internet on either device. Sometimes the app does not work a can’t connect error message, etc.

Not working properly

Was working great initially, now won’t connect to all my devices simultaneously. Have two IPads and one IPhone , it will only connect to two at a time even though I’ve registered all of them. Have uninstalled, reinstalled, deregistered, and registered again with the same results. Tech support suggested I disconnect my WIFI and reconnect; did not correct the problem, except to play merry-go-round as to which two devices to connect to VPN.


Top notch VPN


Norton claims that they have fixed the connection issues, but I beg to differ. Connecting with a VPN seems haphazard at best and often disconnects which results in the famous “pinwheel of death” when using the app. Unhappy customer here. Would not recommend this app.

Help I really love norton Can you fix this

😞 sadly I go from 5 stars to 2:-( Works ok but at night or if I leave for awhile It automatically shuts off VPN AND let’s it go back to vulnerable Wi-Fi. The second issue there is no support in the app a q&a and if that’s not there no link for help. Thirds I go to App Store and bring the app up to contact them click contact supports With my iPhone (Apple product) And can’t even post a question or contact anyone. Do they recognize their own vpn Or do we need to communicate through a vulnerable wi-fi? I could not get any answers. Please Note: I have been a loyal happy Norton customer For years!! I only write this so I hope they read and Fix. I do believe Norton is the best! This is why I hang on for the Fix. Please

Great app but

I’ve been using the app a couple months on a daily basis and I have to say that it’s going well. What kept me from giving the app 5 stars is the fact that the vpn connects me via New York ever so often and no matter where in New York it establishes a connection, it never works within the state.

Says my subscription renewed but won’t work

I love using the VPN to have the most secure connection. However, for the past week, it won’t work and says it expired even though I renewed it and $39.99 was taken out of my bank account on November 26, 2017 for the annual membership. Everything was fine until January 5, 2018 when I cancelled the You-Tube Red subscription and now the VPN no longer works. I am frustrated and don’t know what to do. Please help me!

Love it

Love the extra added protection by using this app. I’d recommend it to everyone.


Well this is my second vpn i am trying on my iPhone 7plus and it works about 85% most of the time. I have to disconnect when using some of my apps and also with my home wifi will keep dropping off when connected to vpn. Not sure why or what to do or even if it is my phone software that makes this happen so as of now i will be getting my phone checked.

Don’t download

Never gave me a free trail I charged me 29.99 right away and never worked doesn’t let me login and closes soon after opening I email customer support and I’m waiting for a response but I doubt I’ll get my money back

Not always on

Not sure how this app is supposed to operate but often times it needs to be woken up / turned on when one needing wifi. Also it has crashed a few times and had to reset.

No Key or login info sent

I downloaded the app and agreed to the terms of the subscription and was told my subscription started with a 1 month free trial and will be charged the $29.99 after 30 days but the app keeps asking me to login and I have not received any login credentials. I can't use the app! Update to my last review- I did get a reply and assistance after a couple days and was able to install and activate the app. The app is working very well so far and am very satisfied. I hope that Symantec corrects their lack of installation instructions for new purchasers.

You don’t have to log in??

The app makes me log i when want to connect. And if I let my phone sit idly, the vpn disconnects. To me- that’s the most important time, when I’d want a vpn running.

Charged anyway

Still haven’t received a refund and keep getting the runaround. I signed up for the 30 day trial and though it seemed fine it just seemed a little overkill for me so I deleted and canceled about 2 weeks ago. My card was charged 3 days ago and I have tried to contact the company for a refund but have yet to receive a response to my email. I am frustrated by the lack of response and my inability to find someone to help me fix this.

Love it

As soon as you get on WiFi you’re protected! Dopeness!!!!!

Hard to rate

This is a hard app to rate and review because for the novice end user there isn’t much out there on VPN technology of this kind at a device level. I’ve checked with some high end tech friends who write code and they said its basically better than nothing and at least worth the fee. So, better than nothing!


I was Leary st first,!but, after reading the reviews posted, I really feel comfortable .....Tks 👍🏾🎈

Zero Stars

As soon as I downloaded it it froze my phone in Limbo, can’t access my home screen or uninstall it.

Does not connect with the web

This program is worthless. Please fix.

Pretty darn near perfect app!!!

This app is a very great app. I am proud that you guys have improved your app considerably. The only drawback to the app is that the app doesn’t install a profile certificate which is needed to block ads in a later version of iOS 10 and higher iOS platform like iOS 11 in all apps and browsers. I still see ads in google and google double click url should be blocked. The app doesn’t also use the safe search check mark and security system that safesearch uses on Apple Laptops. Is there anyway that you could add that into your app to help people identify the risky sites. Thanks. Ted


Works great-all the time

iPhone X

I was using the app with my iPhone 6S with no problems. I bought the iPhone X and every time I try to use it, it keeps telling me an error occurred or to turn on VPN. The VPN in the iPhone settings is activated already though. I’ve tried numerous time, after 20 attempts, I gave up. I’m heated because I just purchased the norton wifi privacy only 2 months ago and now this.

Two words. Get it!!!!

Best app I have


This always turns off by itself out of nowhere, and when you try to connect to public WiFi it connects to the public WiFi first then tries to connects to a secure connection. Why oh why would it try to connect to a secure connection after it already connected to a public WiFi. And it takes forever to connect to a secure connection once it already connected to a public WiFi. Shouldn’t there be a secure connection establish before it connects to a public WiFi!

Ok I guess...

I just got it because the airport hotspot recommended it. But, it works well...

Going in circles

I need to install a new VPN product key but when I try to open the App Store to get it,I get the screen that says mine has expired and do I want to buy again. Won’t let me use the already-acquired product key. Grrr

I’m upset

I’m upset they took money out of my checking account I’m a older lady on disabilty didn’t see where they were going to take out money I’m just so upset I need that money

App stole my money

After downloading the app i had got a charge that i did not authorize

Adding a device

I added a device didn’t realize I can’t have them active on both devices at the same time. Would have bee nice to know that prior to downloading it on my iPad.

Trust Norton

Easy to use and from a trustworthy company.

I feel better about using WiFi

Works in the background so no interference with usual internet activities.

Doesn’t work

***Update So apparently the $30 fee expires after 2 months? I’m pretty sure it was a year subscription. I’ve tried the updates and thought I would give this app another chance this morning and was told that my subscription is expired. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! I am stuck working in a building that AT&T does not have a signal so I am forced to use WiFi to get any communication at all. Being a public network, I knew that I needed some security and thought the Norton name would offer a solid product. It did, for about a month. Now I can’t get it to work, it just states that it is connecting for endless time and nothing happens. Save your money and find another product to protect your phone. I find it funny that the product works until you are forced to pay and it quickly stops working. Doesn’t seem like I am the first to experience this either.


I installed this on my IPhone 7plus because I use my phone for my business and personal. Ever since installing it my phone has been acting up. My battery drains even while plugged in. I have tried to uninstall and delete this program with no success. It hides in the background and drains everything. I also have attempted to find a place for a refund and that also has been unsuccessful. I am totally dissatisfied with this product. Jim

Works well enough. Expensive.

Though it’s only $25 on the iTune App Store, the similar app is only $39 for five devices from Norton directly. That said, I find it pretty useful for uncovering news and websites otherwise restricted to country-of-origin. Even on common websites (like CNN), I’m able to instantly get localized news and info. A positive note is that it’s quite fast. No complaints on any of the VPN sources. Even South Africa was quick enough. A downside is it will not work with streaming services such as Hulu and Amazon. I have to download any videos I want in advance of travel. Social media sites work fine tho. Another minor downside is that it can’t be deactivated from the control panel, only from the app. Just something to remember really, as both options are only two clicks away. Otherwise it rocks!

Very unstable

Darn thing keeps turning itself off. I notice the vpn signal is missing, and when I open the app it is turned off. Very annoying.

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