Norton WiFi Privacy VPN App Reviews

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Hacked by Russians?

) I have my vpn showing out of Miami but the google page is in Russian. Have to translate to English. 2) consistently now, daily even, jumps to New York, and in the middle of a voip call causing call to drop and for me to have to log back in/reinstall app. Unstable , And frankly if I’m always being redirected to the same server group I’m wondering if my activities are being monitored specifically. And if they were it wouldn’t be hard for somebody to hack your logs would it? 4 times today I logged into west coast servers, went back and looked later? ....back to New York....


I have been using the product now for about a month and I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you very much.

Worst VPN ever

I previously used other free VPN that were always connected. I decided to get a paid VPN and got the Norton WiFi Privacy because I have other Norton products I’ve been satisfied with. Big mistake!!! All this product keeps doing is tell me that I am connected to an unsecured network. I thought the reason for getting the subscription is to get automatically connected. I have to waste my time switching apps to turn on the stupid WiFi privacy more than one hundred times a day instead of the app providing continuous protection. If I don’t remember to or otherwise don’t turn on the app, then I will be surfing unprotected. Bad Norton, bad.

Fantastic product, and company

I have been using Norton for many years and I have never had any issues what so ever. I use it on my Mac and my phones. Always keeps me up to date on info and anything that should come up. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! A must for anyone who uses the internet for banking, emails, or anything online related.

Good when it works,but could be much better

Thanks for fixing the issue of mobile connectivity - still having issues accessing mobile websites with VPN turned on- VERY frustrating! A quick fix would be AMAZING an restore my faith in Norton products!


How do I cancel my 30 day trial?

Bug fix requested

I would rate this app 5 star if I didn’t have to continually log back in with my password on all devices every time I use my devices. Hoping this is resolved soon.

Seems secure

The VPN seems a little slow connecting at times but it’s very much worth the wait time if just to ease your mind if you’re forced to use public WiFi. A perfect example was during a long stretch I was forced to take in a hospital..

No free trial really

I clicked this app in the App Store for a free trial and it billed me the same day. Rip-off and now I cannot locate how to stop the trial and unsubscribe. Two days later and I am still searching.

Didn't same login when check box selected.

Works good but had issues. Didn't remember login information even though the check box is selected. Would be better if when switching devices You wouldn't have to agree to terms and login and select region everytime.

Norton WiFi Privacy

I’m satisfied with the functionality of the program. While in the trial basis, I used the program to test its operability and practicality to ensure there were no systemic problems. I noted there was no decrease in performance and/or speed while utilizing various programs. The program functions as it was designed and as described in the information provided. Therefore, I didn’t hesitate to convert from the “trial” basis to purchasing the product for ease of mind in protecting my data.

I loved

Best thing i buy for a long Time!!

Piece of mind

Safer online with this app.

Fast and Easy

Good speed and easier to use than other VPN services I've tried.

Great App

I’m loving this App! It was a little dicey switching to my new phone, but it worked out ultimately.

Best VPN yet

Works better than any other VPN app I’ve tried thus far.

Works as expected

After several weeks is working as it should.

Connection problems

Unable to connect for the last few days to Norton’s VPN service. Norton is reporting the issue has been resolved and suggested restarting app to fix, unfortunately this has not worked for me. Only way to resolve the issue was to delete app and reinstall. Lack of reliability and customer support is the reason for 3 stars.


esta app es muy buena, nomas que si gasta un poco los datos pero bien bale la pena.


Only VPN /ANTI IDENTITY/THEFT-MALWARE-SPYWARE protection my family TRUST!!! Best protection-WORTH every dollar ,will never go back to what we had . Thank you NORTON !!!!


Was a little worried about some other reviews causing slowness. Glad that I got this. No noticeable browsing speed lag. Satisfaction of using public WiFi without any fear of my data being compromised. 👍🏼👍🏼

Doesn’t Work

VPN will not even connect on iPhone 6s+ or iPad Air 2. Cancelled my free trial and will not be purchasing.

Becoming disappointed

Since the last updates to this app it has been nothing but frustrating. It takes several tries before connecting, disconnects quickly and then, when it disconnects, I can’t access the internet. I’m about to trash it!

Don’t get it

Do not get unless you are ok with paying $30 a month!! It says free trial and also tells you that you “can” cancel at anytime before billing period and you won’t be charged. Well unfortunately it won’t let me cancel it. I’ve tried 2-3 times already. It’s a big scam!!!!!!!

Awsome app

Really good app to make surely no one hacks your device or gets you information

1 MAJOR issue but still great!

My only complaint and possibly what is happening with the people complaining of slow speed is the optimal server pick is not accurate at all. When I do optimal server it sends me to a server so far away from my location and I can not load pages but on the rare times it picks the actual accurate servers in the U.S. it’s blazing fast. My fix is I had to connect in a whole different country since I can’t connect to the server I need in U.S. without slowing down significantly. There needs to be a fix for this implemented and I think some of the bad reviews would disappear.


Well-designed from a basic user standpoint. Makes VPN use easy to understand why it helps secure Wi-Fi connections.

Can't connect after disconnecting

After disconnecting, connect button will go useless and there won't be a way to reconnect.


Never reconnects anytime you switch from home WiFi to work WiFi. It only works for my home WiFi. Free one I downloaded connects without problem. This needs to be addressed.

Not good

Only works on one device and I have to keep logging onto it which is annoying and doesn’t make me feel like my devices protected all the time.

Don’t ever buy this!

Just don’t subscribe, you’ll be screwed... They make with Apple together so difficult to unsubscribe and they just keep taking $30 from your account even if you don’t use their application...Together with Apple they are horrible! They just don’t allow you or make very difficult to cancel this crap!


I work in IT and deal with security issues and data protection on a daily basis. With all of the identity security issues in the news I finally decided to ad a layer of protection to my personal devices and network. I’ve used Norton security at work and on my personal devices, but decide to add VPN. I had tried “free” VPN apps and services but pop up ads and time limits made them too much of a bother. Norton VPN is a great value and a trusted company. Totally recommend you spend a few bucks now to save a ton of headaches later. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars.


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Secure...maybe too secure?

Some sites cant load their GUI. Makes it difficult navigate sites.

Feel safe

I feel so much safer online in the airports and on other unsecured WiFi. I am much more at ease.


Awesome VPN service.

Security issues

I believe somehow information is being leaked from servers that is captured in cloud to unauthorized monitors. Ie, neighboring users on the web. Difficult to tell if it’s an internal issue or hack.

It work, but is incompatible with some streaming services and has not landscape view mode

UPDATED: Drops out frequently and frequently struggle to connect at all. Incompatible with google ad services, so no using google shopping or ad links in search results. Occasionally Refuses access to random websites(they can be accessed through google search but not typing domain names in the browser). Still (still?!) no landscape mode. Developer response I received for this review is totally unrelated to the user experience issues I mention here. One star. Seems to do what it says on the tin. Only had it drop once, and that might've been my fault. Doesn't work with Netflix or hulu. That is pretty normal, but I would expect more from a name like Norton. Biggest fail: It doesn't rotate into landscape mode! If you are using this on anything other than a phone, get ready to awkwardly twist your head any time you want to look at the app. Overlooking something so simple as this has me a little concerned what other corners were cut. 3 stars. Verdict: It works, but is incompatible with some streaming services and has no landscape view mode. 3 stars.

Keeps Shutting Down

I have this app on my iPhone and android tablet. They both shut off on screen saver mode. It doesn’t make me feel that my devices protected. Not sure why I’m forking over money.

Somewhat ok

I had to cancel my trial, some of my apps wouldn’t open and some that did wouldn’t open all the way. And the VPN takes awhile to start working, when I open my phone it takes 30 seconds to a minute to show up at the top. This still needs some work before I buy it. Work the bugs out Norton, I’ve read other people’s comments about the same thing.


I’ve been researching VPNs for a while now and this is really above par for a free VPN

It works fine, but...

When I purchased the product, I was under the impression I could install and use on both mine and my wife's iPhones. I have a problem with this, and now the app wants me to change my password. Not sure why, but if I have to, I may need to purchase a second copy?

Protection over speed

I will take full protection over a loss of speed any day of the week.


Have used this app in the past, I dont feel comfortable using other sketchy mobile apps for VPNs which is why I paid 30$ for this one. EDIT: Im changing this review from 1 to 5 stars, Thank you developer for responding. Simply uninstalling and reinstalling the app seemed to fix the issue I was having. It now works properly

Love it

Simple and easy to use

two stars added but ?? Help I really love norton Can you fix this

Thank you -you fixed!!! still some bugs (described on bottom) it is still hard to post a problem if q&a does not list it. (in the app) I still hope when I go to App Store and bring the app up (to contact support) it does not give a place to send a problem. but that can be solved by adding it to q&a page with a note if there is a problem with app please send feed back here. something in concern many times - to make this review (in app store) i had to turn off thier service it would not load fully do we need to communicate through a vulnerable wi-fi when using app store or updated to some apps? if so just let me know. Please Note: I have been a loyal happy Norton customer For years!! I only write this so I hope they read and Fix. I do believe Norton is the best! This is why I hang on for the Fix. Please THANKS FOR THE OTHER FIXES DONE YOUR AWESOME!!

Doesn’t work

Stayed on “Connecting” but never did. Uninstalled

Only working on WiFi

It’s not a full vpn solution, it’s expected from a big company like Symantec to provide full not half solution What if I am connected to my mobile call network provider with LTE or 4G like everyone else your solution is worthless Also there a hanging in the app when you connecting you can not stop the connection attempts until it connect or you close the app itself. Sorry for the review but you should do better and think what the people want , all the other companies doing that and they are not 1/5 your size or your name.

Can’t log in

I downloaded the app and it was great and suddenly I have to re log into app and it says that I have already subscribed. When I click okay it goes back to the screen where I have to re enter the email and password information. What do I do now????

An absolute money stealer!!

I Downloaded this app and I'm being charged $30 for a subscription when I didn't even use the free trial!!!! I tried everything to get this subscription off my back and nothing would work unless I'd pay! For what? I didn't even buy it? I didn't even try it's free trial! It just came out of the blue and now I have to give up $30 for a crappy subscription I never knew about! Terrible! Don't even try to use it. It's not worth it.

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